The MIV Team

The magnificent unicorns of the cast & crew.

Thi Vo

Director | Cast | Executive Producer

Being director and cast was a big challenge for Thi Vo in his first feature documentary. "I couldn't have done it with out my amazing team".

Kaleb Tekeste

Cast | 3rd Cameraman | Music Producer

One of the three tripods, Kaleb has been best friends with Thi Vo for over 19+ years. They have been through everything together, from dance competitions to performances and hard laughters. Thi and Kaleb are more like an old married couple. They can love each other big time, and be at each others necks. In the end, they are family.

Daniel Nguyen


The other part of the tripod. Daniel Nguyen has been a long time friend of over 19+ years to Thi Vo. He is one of those guys that you can always count on whether be just going out, or cooking dinner at home. Daniel plays a crucial role in the film as translator for Thi Vo.

Lai Nguyen

Cast | Associate Producer

Lai Nguyen has know Thi Vo for over 19+ years. Like a sister to Thi, Lai jumped on the opportunity to help out the film. Little did she know she would end up being in it as well.

Aaron Bernakevitch

Director of Photography

Aaron has worked on bunch of projects over the years in the film industry. Including feature films, commercials, and short films. Aaron is a D.O.P. to reckon with and always pushes him self to get that shot.

David Whyte

2nd Cameraman | Photographer

David Whyte A.K.A. John Snow has worked on a bunch of productions with Thi Vo. He's one of the hardest workers in the Alberta industry and an amazing photographer. He was a vital part in helping the production of the film as well as a great friend to have around.

Yvonne Cheng

1st Assistant Director

Yvonne has known Thi for almost a decade now. They've been great travel buddies and dear friends. She couldn't resist the wonderful opportunity to help Thi and the team as well getting to travel at the same time.

Charlie Ngo

Liaison | Cast

Charlie and Thi go back since their late teens. Charlie having moved to Vietnam during the time of production of the film was a great opportunity for the MIV team. Charlie was vital to helping setup permit's and scout locations as well as make an appearance in the film.

Ian Schwaier


Ian was one of the original tripods along side with Kaleb. Ian and Thi danced together during high school years and many more after that. Ian is a filmmaker and is amazing at it. He has been a great addition to the MIV team helping with editing.